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Sealed bids for the Downtown Parking Lot project will be received by the Town of Fort Kent at the Fort Kent Town Office located at 416 W. Main St, Fort Kent, ME 04743 until 3:00 P.M., local time, May 23, 2018 and then at said office publicly opened and read aloud.  Bids submitted after this time will not be accepted.  Each bidder must submit a single sealed envelope, the outside of which must be clearly marked "BID ENCLOSED FOR DOWNTOWN PARKING LOT".


The project involves the construction of a new paved parking lot on town-owned property in downtown Fort Kent, along with three new crosswalks in the downtown area.  Two crossing Main Street (U.S. Route 1) and one crossing Market Street (U.S. Route 161).


The paved parking lot will accommodate 31 parking spaces and construction work will include: excavation; placement of aggregate materials; paving; pavement markings; (2) handicap parking signs; (4) trees; a new entrance drive and associated sidewalk and curbing reconstruction; and installation of (4) new light fixtures with associated electrical conduit, conductors and a handhole.


The new crosswalk work will include: excavation; placement of aggregate materials, paving, pavement markings; detectable warning fields, installation of (2) new crosswalk signs and posts, and associated construction / reconstruction of sidewalks and curbing.


The Issuing Office for the Bidding Documents is the Town of Fort Kent.

Prospective Bidders may examine the Bidding Documents at the following location:


  1. Fort Kent Town Office, 416 West Main Street, Fort Kent, ME  04743


Electronic copies (PDF) of the bidding documents may be obtained at no cost by request to Steve Pelletier, Director, Planning and Economic Development / Codes Enforcement Officer, Town of Fort Kent:[NTS - XPRESS Copy charges WP $25 per download; suggest charging $30 to $50 per download.]




Office:  207-834-3507


To be considered a responsive Bidder, the Contractor shall have obtained at least one set of Bidding Documents from the Issuing Office.  The Bid will not be awarded to a Bidder unless a record for obtaining at least one set of Bidding Documents exists in the Issuing Office.  To meet this requirement and to establish the record of receipt, a prospective Bidder must obtain Bidding Documents using the name that is to appear on the Bid Form.

[NTS: Rural Development does not allow mandatory pre-bids.  Mandatory pre-bid should be used selectively.] [NTS:  EJCDC 2013 does not include language for bid security or funding agencies.  Use the following if required by Owner and/or Funding Agency.] 

BID CONTENTS: The Contractor shall submit the following with the Bid:

  • A completed Bid Form
  • Experience Statement
  • Executive Order 11246 Compliance Statement
  • Bid Security in the amount of five percent of the Total Bid
  • Acknowledgement of Bid Addenda
  • Section 3 Affirmative Action Plan
  • Contractor’s DBE/Subcontractor Utilization Form
  • Certificate of Nonsegregated Facilities


A bid must be accompanied by Bid Security made payable to Owner in an amount of 5% of Bidder’s maximum bid price and in the form of a certified check or a bank check or a Bid Bond issued by a surety meeting the requirements of the General Conditions.  No bid may be withdrawn for at least 60 days after receipt of bids unless released by the Owner.  Bid Security shall be made payable to the Town of Fort Kent, Maine.  Bids submitted without Bid Security will not be considered.


The work will be funded, in part, through a Community Development Block Grant from the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development, as administered by the State of Maine, Department of Economic and Community Development.  Neither the United States Government nor any of its departments, agencies or employees is, or will be, a party to this Invitation to Bid or any resulting contract.  It is intended the contract award be decided based on the lowest, most responsive and responsible bidder.


Wages paid to employees on the Downtown Parking Lot project must comply with the minimums established by the United States Department of Labor Wage determination. All work must be performed in accordance with the law and the requirements of the funding agencies.


Bidders on the Downtown Parking Lot project will be required to comply with President's Executive Order No. 11246 and amendments or supplements to that Executive Order. The requirements for Bidders and Contractors under this Order are explained in the Supplementary Conditions to the Standard General Conditions of this Contract.


POST BID REQUIREMENTS: The apparent low bidder must furnish, within 10 days after the receipt of Bids, a complete list of sub bidders, if requested by the Owner.  The successful bidder must furnish within 10 days after the Notice of Award, four (4) signed copies of the Agreement plus a Certification of Non-Segregated Facilities, 100% Performance Bond, 100% Payment Bond and Proof of Insurance documentation acceptable to the Owner.  The successful bidder must begin execution of this contract within 10 calendar days following the Notice to Proceed.


The Town of Fort Kent, Maine reserves the right to reject any or all Bids, to waive any technical or legal deficiencies, and to accept any Bid that it may deem to be in the best interests of the Town.


By Order of Steve Pelletier

Town of Fort Kent