Employee Name  Position  Phone Number  Email  
Suzie Paradis Town Manager 834-3136  
Paula Bouchard Bookkeeper 834-3090  
Angela Coulombe Town Clerk 834-3090  
Marilyn Pinette Municipal Clerk/Payroll Clerk/BMV Agent 834-3090  
Sherry Plourde Municipal Clerk 834-3090  

Fire Department


Ed Endee, Fire Chief

 fire department icon 834-5678    
Michelle Raymond Head Librarian 834-3048  
Cheryl Pelletier Librarian Asst 834-3048    


Office of Planning and Economic Development

Steve Pelletier Director 834-3507  
Cindy Bouley Administrative Asst. 834-3507  
Steve Pelletier Code Enforcement Officer 834-3507  
Thomas Pelletier Health Officer 834-3507  
Bruce Labbe Plumbing Inspector 834-3507  
Inquiries More Information 834-3507  

 Police Department


Thomas Pelletier, Police Chief


police dept. shield


Dalen Boucher

Sergeant 834-5678    
Curtis Picard Police Officer 834-5678    
Connor LaPierre Police Officer 834-5678    
Curtis Gagnon Reserve Police Officer 834-5678    
Dana Thibeault Reserve Police Officer 834-5678    
Cole Pelletier Reserve Police Officer 834-5678    
Colette (Coco) Ouellette Lead Dispatcher 834-5678  
Sarah Marquis Dispatcher 834-5678    
Carrigan Levesque Dispatcher 834-5678    
Robert J Sirois Dispatcher 834-5678    
Jerome Ouellette Reserve Dispatcher 834-5678    
Ashley Jandreau Reserve Dispatcher 834-5678  
Chasse Labbe Reserve Dispatcher 834-5678    
Christopher Cyr Reserve Dispatcher 834-5678    

Public Works Department      

Tony Theriault 

Department Head




Reynold Hebert Working Foreman 834-3253    
Chad Pelletier Equipment Operator 834-3253    
Dana Saucier Equipment Operator 834-3253    
Brenton Levesque Equipment Operator 834-3253    


Recreation & Parks Department


Ann Beaulieu


Recreation & Parks Director





Dale Soucy Laborer 834-3730    


Water and Wastewater Department 

Mark E. Soucy 

Department Head





Gregory Bernier Foreman 834-3463  
Ricky Berube Laborer 834-3463  
Bruce Fournier Laborer 834-3463  


Town Council

John Bouchard Chair 834-3090    
Jake Robichaud Councilor 834-3090    
Carroll Theiault Councilor 834-3090    
Scott Pelletier Councilor 834-3090    
Corey Pelletier Councilor 834-3090    


Planning Board

Daniel Nicolas Chair 834-3507  
Joseph Bard Vice Chair 834-3507  
Charlene Taggart Secretary 834-3507  
James Levasseur Board Member  834-3507  
Paul Berube Board Member 834-3507  
Steven Chabot Alternate #1 834-3507  
Vacant Alternate #2 834-3507  
Inquiries More Information 834-3507  


Zoning Board of Appeals

Zachary Voisine Chair 834-3507  
Mark Albert Vice Chair 834-3507  
Robert Lozier Secretary 834-3507  
Ryan Malmborg Board Member 834-3507  
Raymond Sirios Board Member 834-3507  
Lance Morin Alternate #1 834-3507  
Vacant Alternate #2 834-3507  
Inquiries More Information 834-3507